Our Values

Do the basics well

When designing Styrka, our goal was not to fill it full of random equipment simply because it was cool or we had the money to buy it. Every piece of equipment has its place, and everything is designed for functional strength and conditioning. No single piece of equipment in our gym goes without regular use from our members. We carefully designed our layout to be uncluttered, so that the gym feels open and spacious even though, at just 4400 square feet, it’s a small facility.

We strive to keep our gym clean, organized, and comfortable. We include an array of amenities that commercial gyms often charge for, such as a kitchenette, soap & shampoo, bath & terry towels, and convenience items for our female members such as hair ties, bobby pins, and tampons.

Our pricing is straightforward and uncomplicated. Unlike commercial gyms, we will never saddle you with confusing fees. The price you see is the price you pay.

Welcome all comers

Styrka is the kind of gym where people say hello when you walk in the door, where it’s easy to make friends, and where others are always willing to share knowledge or give you a spot.

We welcome all who come in door in the pursuit of physical excellence, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We value inclusiveness, camaraderie, and leadership.

Deliver outstanding education

Our coaching emphasizes the fundamental skills of functional human movement and progressive strength training. We hold our clients to high standards of technical execution so they are lifting safely and progressing consistently.

Throughout the year, we host free educational workshops for our members on a wide variety of topics, from training and nutrition to rehabilitation.

We’d love to have you

If our values are ones you share, it takes only minutes to sign up and belong to our community.