Mike Doolittle

Styrka head trainer & co-owner


After studying exercise science at the University of Tulsa and attaining my first personal training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in 2004, I began my career at the now defunct Reaction Fitness in South Tulsa. Over the next decade I trained in corporate gyms, private personal training studios, and locally-owned community gyms while pursuing continuing education in biomechanics, prioprioceptive stretching, kettlebell instruction, functional assessments, core training, and much more. My clientele has included high school and college athletes, working professionals, retirees, post-rehabilitation patients, and those struggling with obesity.

In 2016, my wife Vanessa and I opened Styrka, where I have expanded my personal training business in addition to the day to day operation of the facility. I oversee a staff of nearly a dozen trainers, each with a unique array of specializations. Our goal is to make Styrka into Tulsa area's most elite personal training facility, and I'm proud to say we are doing just that. 


Services & rates

  1. Custom 12-week program (no coaching): $97
  2. Virtual Coaching: $97 per month
  3. Personal Coaching:
    • Per session: $60/hr
    • 3 Sessions per week: $449 per month
    • 4 sessions per week: $599 per monthPrepaid 36-session package: $1620
  4. Virtual + Personal Coaching:
    • Virtual Coaching + Monthly Personal Coaching: $179 per month
    • Virtual Coaching + Weekly Personal Coaching: $235 per month

Monthly subscriptions offer the best value, enabling the client to average an industry-leading low cost per session. However, monthly subscriptions are "use it or lose it"—sessions do not roll over month to month. If you're unable to use your available sessions, you will pay a higher average session rate.

If you travel often, have an erratic schedule, or want to gradually work toward training on your own, purchasing a prepaid package can offer a better value. The prepaid package averages $45 per session—higher than the average for a monthly subscription, but still below the industry average. Best of all, you can use your sessions at your own pace. 

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