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Improve your deadlift: mobility, stability, and muscle activation

  • Styrka Gym of Tulsa 6939 East 71st Street Tulsa, OK, 74133 United States (map)

The deadlift is an essential strength-building movement, but deficiencies in mobility and muscular imbalances can increase your risk of injuries and keep you from achieving your full potential in the lift. This comprehensive workshop will help you improve your deadlift technique and reduce your risk of injury by teaching you:

  • Proper alignment of the feet, hips, and spine during the lift
  • Mobility drills to improve power and reduce injury
  • Sequential muscle activation to ensure consistent, powerful lifts
  • Correcting muscular imbalances
  • Biomechanically correct breathing

Whether you're just starting out or you've already got a strong deadlift, this workshop can help you reach your potential in the lift and keep injuries from sidelining you.

Non-member cost: $10