Upcoming mobility seminar with Zac King and John Keefe

Where: Styrka (of course)
When: Saturday, April 22, noon-2pm

This seminar will explore common mobility restrictions and give you the tools to stay limber through life. Whether you lift heavy weights or sit at a desk, you will leave with a toolbox of exercises and muscle release/activation techniques adding longevity to your specialization. We will assess, correct, and empower it's students with the latest in effective movement strategies. With assessments similar to those found in the medical field, we can address issues individually and before dysfunction occurs. Why wait to see a doctor when you could identify mobility issues before problems ensue? 

Seminar will include a mobility manual outlining self assessments and correctives, and your own lacrosse ball for muscle release/activation.

This seminar will be extremely beneficial for body builders, Olympic lifters, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, and anyone else looking to understand their own mechanics and the mechanics of those they serve. 

Guests: $10

We hope to see you there!