We'll buy your cancellation fee

We've had no small number of visitors to Styrka who love the gym, and quickly realize there's nothing else like it in Tulsa. But they're in a conundrum: they joined a commercial gym that promised "no contracts" only to be hit with a costly "cancellation fee" that can be nearly $100. It's a ruse that corporate-owned gyms use to prevent people from cancelling their monthly drafts—lots of people decide it's easier to keep paying $10 or $20 a month (plus all the amenities the corporate gyms nickle-and-dime them for, like $1 bottled water).

Well, we can help. If you're currently a member at such a corporate gym and you buy an annual membership at Styrka, just bring in proof of your agreement with the corporate gym and we'll comp you the cancellation fee, up to $100.  (You must be a first-time member to Styrka)