It's a new year—and what a year it's been!

In just under a month, Styrka will turn one year old—and yes, there will be cake! It's been an incredible year for us. When we started out on this journey, it seemed a little crazy even to us. Could a small, community-focused, locally owned gym really compete in today's crowded fitness market—most of which is dominated by giant, cut-rate corporate gyms?

The answer has been a resounding yes! Over the last year we've build a small but dedicated and close-knit community of fitness enthusiasts ranging from first-timers and weekend warriors to competitive athletes. Our members appreciate our clean, uncluttered environment—and we consistently get great feedback on our equipment. We're one of the few gyms in the region to have an 8x8 Olympic weightlifting platform and high-quality bumper plates. Members praise our equipment from EliteFTS and Rogue as the best they've ever used. We've also been fortunate to welcome a team of outstanding personal trainers, who train with clients representing all ages and skill levels. We've also had great success with Causely, through which we match check-ins to our business on Facebook and Instagram with charitable donations.

But while we've put a lot of work into making Styrka the best it can be, we never could have foreseen how organically our community would grow. The Ladies' Barbell Club (affectionately dubbed the LBC) arose from the community of women who found inspiration by building each other up, sharing ideas, and encouraging one another. A niche of dedicated competitive powerlifters calls Styrka home. And we're proud to be one of the few spots in the region that offers parkour classes for kids. All of this came from the community, not from us. We simply created the environment, and the rest has taken its own course. 

In 2017, we're looking to continue this amazing journey, both with those who've joined us this past year and with the many new faces we're excited to see in the coming months. We believe Styrka is unlike anyplace else in the greater Tulsa area—a community that welcomes people of all skill levels and backgrounds, united by a passion for hard work. 

If you'd like to be a part of our community, there's no better time to join than now. Until January 10th, we're offering steep discounts on annual memberships—the equivalent of getting two months free when compared to going month-to-month. Of course we're happy to welcome month-to-month members as well, and you can always try us a few days at no charge.