How we stop overcrowding before it starts

For corporate-owned gyms, January is the busiest time of year. Aggressive marketing campaigns and pricing promotions spur an influx of new members who want to make good on their new years resolution to improve their fitness—numbers that begin to thin out as soon as the end of the month. The Wall Street Journal reports, "Gyms need new members but face regulars who complain about crowds, waits and the poor etiquette of January newcomers."

We stop overcrowding before it starts

At Styrka,  far and away the most frequent question we are asked by prospective members is, "What time is it busiest?" Our answer is that our gym is designed from the ground up to stave off the kind of overcrowding that's typical of large commercial gyms. 

  • Multi-functional equipment
    • hile corporate gyms are stocked with rows of bulky, specialized machines—each of which only does one exercise—the overwhelming majority of our equipment can be adapted for a wide variety of exercises. This includes our functional room, which is stocked with kettlebells, macebells, medicine balls, yoga mats, plyo boxes, and much more. 
  • Spacious layout
    • Because most of our equipment is multi-functional, we don't have to cram a lot of equipment into a small space. Even when the gym is at capacity, you'll never be elbow-to-elbow with other members.
  • Pricing
    • The January rush in corporate gyms is due in no small part to the rock-bottom prices and promotional discounts that are offered around the new year. At Styrka, we believe in building value into our membership—not competing for bottom-of-the-barrel pricing. While our complimentary amenities and workshops—along with our best-in-class equipment—make our membership a tremendous value, our focus on a premium experience prevents overcrowding from newcomers who are more concerned with finding a cheap gym than they are with the quality of their experience. 

If you're tired of the overcrowding in corporate gyms, we hear you. We've designed Styrka from the ground up to address this common issue, and we'd love for you to try us out. Visit us today for a complimentary trial—no commitment, no pressure, no obligation.