New: add online personal training to your membership

Starting this month, it's now possible to add online personal training to your membership at Styrka. For $100 a month (single) or $150 a month (couples) added to your standard membership, you'll get:

  • Full access to the gym, including all amenities and workshops
  • Up to five workouts per week, customized for you by a personal trainer and delivered to your phone via a free app
  • A complimentary in-person fitness assessment with a personal trainer each month so you can review your progress and fine-tune your program

If you're an existing member, you can upgrade your membership at any time — the cost will simply be pro-rated for the remainder of the month, and you can begin your personalized program right away.

This is just another way we're striving to make Styrka the best it can be — and now you can have a fully customized workout program without breaking the bank. View your options by clicking the button below, and sign up today!