This week, Styrka welcomes three new trainers

We're very excited to welcome not one, not two, but three new experts to our personal training team:

This is Carmen Paul — certified in both Dragon Door RKC and StrongFirst Giyra, as well as MovNat Level 1. She's teaching kids MovNat classes (starting at age 4 and going all the way to young adults) and will be teaching adult kettlebell classes starting next week!

We're also very excited to welcome Debra Hofer to the team. Not too many gyms can boast that they host a trainer who not only holds a nationally accredited certification, but is also a registered dietitian and — even more rare — a certified specialist in sports dietetics. Whether you're looking to lose weight, get in shape for a competition, or just perform your best there is no substitute for the expertise she can provide!

Last but certainly not least, we're very excited to welcome Ashley Day to the team at Styrka! Ashley found inspiration in her own journey to become a NASM-certified personal trainer, and she's ready to help you make a dramatic transformation of your own! Visit her at Kick Ash Training.