Who is the typical Styrka member?

I was asked earlier this week what our 'typical clientele' is. And you might think that after being in business for a few months now, I'd have that nailed down into a nice concise answer. But, I struggled a bit to condense it down into just a short description. Our members come from a diverse array of backgrounds and fitness levels, so it can be hard to pigeonhole them into a narrow category. 

I was thinking about it today, and it hit me in the most obvious way: me! I'm the 'typical' Styrka clientele! I designed the gym to be exactly the kind of place I love to train. The gamble that I've taken is that there are others out there who share my ideas about what makes a gym great — and based on feedback from our members, I'm confident we're taking the right steps.

• I like lots of different training styles. I enjoy bodybuilding-style programs. I enjoy CrossFit-style programs. I like elements of powerlifting and strongman training. I do a little bit of everything and I like being in a gym that caters to those styles without nailing me down into one thing or another.

• I like small, community gyms. As long as I can remember, I've been turned off by the cold sterility of corporate gyms. I love being part of a hard-working community of like-minded athletes and athletes-to-be. Much of what I learned didn't come from books or coaches, but from experienced athletes who were eager to share their expertise.

• I like quality equipment, but I like it simple. I don't need a bunch of technological gizmos to work my biceps from 50 different angles. I don't need to watch a movie while I work out. I appreciate the reliable spin of a quality needle-bearing barbell. I love a heavy kettlebell gripped tightly in my chalk-covered hands. I'll take a GHD over some fancy hamstring gadget any day of the week.

• I like a gym that's clean and uncluttered. I worked out for years at a gym where the bathrooms were persistently gross and weights were often scattered all over the floor. And so we work hard to keep Styrka clean and organized, and take pride in it.

Obviously I still failed to distill all this into a short, catchy description. So, here's my attempt at it: typical Styrka members are people who want to work hard while being surrounded by a tightly knit, like-minded community. And if they can do it with some kick-ass functional equipment in a clean, modern facility... well that just makes it that much better.