The Rogue Fitness 28mm Euro Olympic Weightlifting bar

At Styrka, we have lots of equipment you won't typically find in commercial gyms — multiple deadlift platforms, high quality bumper plates for Olympic lifting, a power rack with a monolift, and much more. But if there's one great way to see how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, it's with our barbells. 

Most commercial gyms have roughly the same types of barbells. They are 'multi-purpose' bars, usually with a light zinc oxide finish, moderate knurling and a hex bolt on the end of the sleeve, like this:

These types of barbells are generally "good enough" for the majority of commercial gym users. They commonly have a tensile strength of around 130,000psi — enough to resist warping under moderately heavy loads and acceleration.

At Styrka, we carry a number of barbells that suit a more discerning athlete. We have multi-purpose bars, sure — but even those are built to an incredible 190k psi tensile strength for seriously strong athletes. We carry several powerlifting bars that have aggressive knurling, a thicker 29mm shaft, and are designed not to "whip" at all. We carry a specialized 'Okie' deadlift bar that is extra wide (to accommodate the "sumo" style deadlifting) and has a high degree of slack, or flex, to the bar. And we carry a number of specialized bodybuilding bars, such as a six-foot cambered bar.

The newest addition to our family is the Rogue Fitness 28mm Euro Olympic Weightlifting bar. This 28mm bar is made with 215k psi European steel, needle bearings, and is finished in polished chrome. It's designed for a great whip and spin optimal for performing the two Olympic lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. The knurling is moderate, with a great sticky feel. This is, quite simply, one of the best barbells money can buy. If you're interested in taking the challenge of Olympic lifting, you won't be disappointed with this exceptional barbell.