The Assault Airbike

I won't make it any big secret that I'm not a fan of traditional low-intensity cardio. My original vision for Styrka was to ditch bulky cardio machines entirely, and instead place the focus on low-impact, small-footprint, interval-friendly machines like rowers and airbikes. However, after talking to enough people, I had to eat some humble pie and accept that the demand for conventional cardio machines was pretty high. 

Nonetheless, I want to come as close to my original vision as I can. Today we came a bit closer with the addition of our new Assault Airbike from LifeCore Fitness:

This is a fantastic machine — very well-built, easy to use, and brutally effective. I like it especially because it has a small footprint, is easy to move, and is far more cost-effective than traditional cardio equipment like treadmills. Treadmills, ellipticals and steppers can cost thousands of dollars, and they're so complex that if they break down they have to be serviced by certified technicians. This bike is simple, heavy duty yet light, and will give you an absolutely killer workout. Visit us today to try it out!