What to expect from our training workshops

Today we launched our weekly training workshops, with this first week focusing on biomechanics and bodyweight movement. Next week, we'll offer a course on strength training fundamentals; the week after, kettlebell and functional training; and finally, nutrition and program design.

These courses are designed to give you the foundation you need to train safely, effectively, and progressively. They're not intended to be substitutes for a personal trainer, but if a trainer is out of your budget you will still have the tools you need to design a powerful strength and conditioning program. Large, cut-rate commercial gyms essentially work by counting on most of the members rarely, if ever, attending — the members who rarely show subsidize those who do. At Styrka, we want our members to be engaged and educated so they can get lasting results.

Many aspiring athletes are held back by deficiencies in technique, mobility, or skill progression. At Styrka, we want our members to get the most out of our facility; that means providing them the education they need to get the results they want. We recognize that, at $45 a month, we are at relatively premium price point compared to the cut-rate corporate gyms. But we want to deliver unmatched value through exceptional equipment and services, which is why our workshops are always free for members.