Building Value

A membership at Styrka costs $45 a month. 

This isn't a number we arrived at arbitrarily. When we began building our gym, we thought hard about the type of gym we wanted to be, and how we wanted to stand out. We paid closed attention to both locally owned and commercial gyms, and arrived at our price point through careful consideration of the value we are delivering to our members.

No hidden fees

Many commercial gyms advertise rock-bottom rates, like $10 a month. But customers quickly find out that it's not really just $10 a month. There's a sign-up fee — sometimes several. There are annual or bi-annual membership fees. And should you ever want to cancel your membership, you'll be charged a fee for that, too. Worse, any amenities you might want — bottled water, towels, toiletries, etc. — are priced a la carte, further adding to the deceptively low cost. 

At Styrka, we believe in being straight with our members. When we say $45 a month, we mean it. There are no startup fees, no hidden charges, and there is no penalty for cancellation. Better still, all our amenities are included in the price of membership. 

Real equipment for real fitness

It's rare at large commercial gyms to be able to dust your hands with some chalk and work on your deadlift or power cleans. Even in the rare case that such lifts are permitted, they're often done without optimal equipment, like the proper quality barbells and training plates. And at many locally owned gyms, you're forced to use outdated equipment. 

At Styrka, we haven't compromised an inch. We've worked to deliver the best possible equipment money can buy. Our free weights — barbells and iron plates, sleds, racks, platforms, dumbbells, benches — were outfitted by Rogue Fitness, leading sponsor of the Crossfit Games. Our machines are from top-end brands like EliteFTS, York Barbell, Hammer Strength, Nautilus, and Matrix.  And with serious functional equipment like sleds, bands, and Olympic training plates — and yes, complimentary chalk! — Styrka is equipped to deliver a serious training experience for our dedicated clientele. 


Locally owned gyms are not generally known for their amenities, but we want our members to see Styrka as a home away from home — somewhere not just to train but also to relax, make new friends, or get ready for work. We offer complimentary terry towels and, for our spacious shower, bath towels. We've provided soap, shampoo, disposable razors, hair ties, feminine hygiene, and much more. Chilled bottled water is complimentary, as are filtered refills. If you plan on staying for a while, we have a mini-fridge and microwave in our kitchenette so you can store your post-workout meal while you train and heat it up when you're done. 


Our goal with Styrka is to foster a community of hard-working athletes. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or just starting your fitness journey, we want to feel welcome. More than that, we want you to work hard and get serious results! That's why our staff is available to answer questions and demonstrate proper equipment use, why we're striving to attract the best trainers in the greater Tulsa area, and why we will be hosting seminars, community events, and charity fundraisers. 


Sometimes, when large commercial fitness centers move into town advertising rock-bottom rates, small locally-owned gyms try to lower their rates to compete. Then when equipment breaks or needs to updated, they can't afford to do it. At Styrka, our strategy isn't to compete with rock-bottom prices, but to build a better value into our memberships. That includes promptly replacing damaged or broken equipment, maintaining a clean and well-organized facility, and continually updating our equipment. 

Some gyms cost more than Styrka; others, less. But through straightforward rates, premium equipment, generous amenities, and our commitment to fostering a tight-knit community of athletes, we're confident that our members will feel that every dollar is well-spent.