Equipment matters

I'm excited to say that build-out of Styrka is nearing completion, and we will be ordering equipment very soon. For us, choosing the right equipment has been a painstaking process. At roughly 4,300 square feet, Styrka is a relatively small facility; filling it up with bulky machines would hamstring members' ability to make the most out of the space we have.

To that end, most of our equipment will be free weights: dumbbells, barbells, benches, racks, platforms, kettlebells, and much more. Our gym will be outfitted by Rogue Fitness, who make some of the best-quality free weight equipment money can buy. We've chosen pieces to be as multifunctional as possible — for example, instead of having lots of fixed Olympic benches that often fail to accommodate ideal bench angles and arm lengths, we'll have modular squat racks with spotter arms that can serve as flat, incline, or decline benches at a variety of angles. Of course, they can also accommodate squats, rows, military presses, and much more. Need more of a challenge? Just loop a couple of resistance bands over the barbell with the adjustable band pegs in the rack, or try one of our chain kits.



Some movements, though, are difficult to replicate with free weights. For those who have difficulty squatting, leg presses are vital. Leg extensions, leg curls, lat pulldowns, and calf raises are all difficult to perform without specialized equipment. But it's not enough for us to just grab some random piece of equipment off of eBay that's "good enough". We're confident that when members use the Rogue free weights, they'll know right away that they're using top quality equipment — why shouldn't it be the same for machines? It's important to us that every piece of equipment exemplifies our commitment to delivering the best possible training experience. 

When you pick up one of our barbells or lie on one of our adjustable utility benches for some dumbbell work, you'll know right away that you're using exceptional equipment. That ideology will extend to our machines, where each piece will exude a level of quality that lets you know you're using something special.