We have a logo!

When you're starting a business, it's the little things that get you excited: some new lighting, a fresh coat of paint, or a logo. So, I'm excited to present the Styrka logo:

Or, in a more metallic flavor:

Several of our friends have asked us why Styrka is not (officially) called Styrka Gym or something similar. When developing our branding, we felt it was important to differentiate ourselves from the wealth of gyms and fitness centers already out there. Accordingly, we didn't want anything like "fitness", "body", "gym", "physique", etc., in the name. And with the visual design of the logo, we wanted something that evokes strength and might, yet conveys a clean and professional elegance. Importantly, this design will look great on t-shirts, business cards, and of course inside the gym itself.

In other progress news, build-out is moving very fast, and we'll have some pictures up for you shortly.