Personal trainers wanted

I've been a personal trainer for eleven years. I'm intimately familiar with the myriad of challenges that fitness professionals face in establishing and retaining a strong clientele, as well as receiving fair compensation. With the founding of Styrka, I want to create an environment that fosters success for both trainers and clients.

Part of the reason large commercial gyms love their endless rows of bulky isolation machines is that they're very easy to use; any novice can hop on "the biceps machine" or "the leg machine" and feel like they're working out, at minimal risk for injury.. But we know better — we know that such training is far from efficient or optimal. Accordingly, Styrka will be much more functionally-focused, with only a select few machines and plenty of open space for kinetic, energetic workouts. This means that the guidance of experience fitness professionals will be that much more important to our clientele.

At Styrka, we will not require our fitness professionals to sign draconian non-compete clauses, dictate their hours, or pay disproportionate fees to the gym; we want our trainers to be successful, and that means being able to set their own rates, manage their own schedules, and even train at multiple locations. Let's face it: despite the glamorous veneer of being a "personal trainer", making a living in the field is actually very, very difficult. Commercial gyms frequently overstaff and demand an unreasonably large proportion of the clients' dues. We want to help you succeed by providing you and your clients with a clean, professional, upscale environment and reasonable dues. Moreover, we want to create the kind of environment that attracts the loyal clientele personal trainers need for long-term success.

If you're interested in kicking off 2016 as a personal trainer with Styrka, simply email me at I'd like to know:

  • What kind of equipment you'd like to see
  • Your ideas for member orientation, private training, and small group training
  • How we can help you grow your client base and create a mutually beneficial relationship.