Will you have *that*?

With the construction of Styrka officially made public this week, the response has been overwhelming. We've heard from personal trainers, competitive lifters, and amateur athletes of all skill levels who are excited to see us revive a historic location with a new, premium facility. But we've also been getting lots of questions about what kind of equipment we plan to have: how many treadmills? A cable crossover? Preacher curl benches? Hammer Strength equipment?  

The concept of Styrka will diverge significantly from its predecessor, which was known primarily as a bodybuilding gym. Our focus is on active, functional strength and conditioning. Just some of the equipment we will be featuring:

  • Rogue barbells, dumbbells, and competition plates
  • Rogue power racks with band, dip, landmine, and monolift attachments
  • Rogue deadlift platforms with band attachments
  • Squat stands with spotter arms, paired with free-standing adjustable benches (can be used together for multiple angles of incline or decline bench pressing)
  • Westside competition benches
  • Wall-mounted pull-up bars with optional ring, TRX, and band-assist attachments
  • Weighted sled safe for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Kettlebells, medicine balls, parallettes, jump ropes, stability balls, box jumps, and premium floor mats
  • Concept 2 rowing machines
  • And much more!

In addition, we will have some select isolation equipment, mainly for exercises that are difficult to replicate with free weights. This includes leg curls, leg press (aka hip sled), lat pulldown, and cable crossover. While we are not, like our predecessors, a bodybuilding focused gym, we're confident that bodybuilders will find a lot to love about our setup.

Cardio equipment will, like isolation equipment, be minimal; we are determined not to replicate the endless rows of treadmills and ellipticals that are the hallmark of cut-rate health clubs. We hope our members will do most of their cardiovascular conditioning on the Concept 2 rowers, pushing the sled, tossing around medicine balls, using the jump ropes, etc. However, we will provide a few pieces of conventional cardio equipment to accommodate those who need it. 

Working out at Styrka may require a bit of a shift in perspective if you're used to zoning out on a treadmill or using lots of specialized, muscle-targeting isolation equipment. But we're confident that if you get to know our gym and the multitude of ways our equipment can be adapted to different exercises, you'll have the most effective — and fun — workouts you've ever had.