Even a coach needs a coach

I've been a personal trainer for 13 years. During that time I've not only trained clientele from all walks of life, but I've personally experimented with a litany of training styles. I've done volume-style bodybuilding workouts, heavy powerlifting, cross-training, and currently train in Olympic Weightlifting.

As someone who's studied exercise science and training methodology for many years, it can be easy to slip into the mindset that I have enough knowledge to assess my own deficiencies, design my own programs, and plan my own progress. But the reality is that there's still a great deal I don't know, and it's always helpful to have a trained eye assessing you objectively. Moreover, the time I have to spend designing programs for Styrka members makes it difficult for me to have the time, energy, and desire to plan out my own training in proper periodized blocks. That's where having an experienced coach comes in.

I've also learned that as a trainer, showing my clients that I, too, need a trainer helps them see more value in my services. If even someone with many years of training and education needs a coach for optimal results, then clearly some with little experience can benefit that much more. 

The following pictures represent the progress I made under the guidance of my own coach in less than a month, developing a strong overhead squat position for Olympic Weightlifting:


Sometimes, it can take a little humility to accept that you need guidance, particularly if you're a seasoned athlete. But a coach not only saves you a lot of time and guesswork doing your own program design, but also provides a more objective eye when assessing your technique and where your program needs to be modified. Being your own worst critic—especially in a constructive manner—is much harder than it sounds. 

This is why, at Styrka, we offer several different levels of coaching. Group Programming is free for our members; 1-On-1 Online Coaching is just $70 a month; and Personal Training, while the most expensive option, provides the most hands-on instruction that can benefit novice and advanced athletes alike.