Your inner athlete is waiting for you


Commercial gyms are filled with exercisers. People who've convinced themselves they need to lose weight to achieve some culturally-approved standard of beauty, who begrudgingly drag themselves to the gym out of a sense of obligation to a significant other, or perhaps who've been frightened into slogging on a treadmill after a medical scare.  These sterile corporate boxes are perfectly set up to pander to this passionless grind, too: rows and rows of weight machines that require all the mindfulness of a daydream, dozens of identical cardio machines, smoothie bars, granite showers, and saunas. Is this "fitness"? 

At Styrka ["steer-kah"], we believe that everyone possesses an inner athlete, and that we become athletes by choice. It is not demarcated by some impossible standard of performance, like hoisting incredible weight overhead, jumping great distances, or running with superhuman speed. It's merely a shift in perspective—one that is by definition accompanied by action. An athlete knows that the arduous work in the gym, the vigilant dieting, and the conscientious recovery will pay tangible dividends—a lean and muscular physique, more energy, a clearer mind, a lower risk of chronic pain and disease. But those things are not the reasons an athlete trains. Rather, for the athlete, training is an end in itself—the tireless pursuit of human performance.  

When we learn to use our bodies--really use them—amazing things start to happen. We might not even be capable of a proper squat at first, but it's a skill that can be learned. As the skill is developed, weight is added. Speed and power begin to manifest. Our endurance improves. Where once we struggled with the simplest of movements, we are now adept with a multitude of functional tools and effortlessly move weight that once seemed impossible. We do not 'exercise'; we train

The process

The training methods we use at Styrka are rooted in functional human movements and high-intensity effort. Deficiencies in mobility are rooted out and corrected. We spend lots of time in uncomfortable positions, like the bottom of a pistol squat, or under the crushing weight of a loaded barbell. We hinge, push, pull, sprint, and jump.  We don't sit passively on bulky machines; we use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, macebells, and the weight of our own bodies.  You learn to feel your muscles working in concert, to engage them at precisely the right moments. The cues of training become part of your vocabulary: Drive your hips forward. Push hard into the bar. Brace your core.  It's grueling, uncomfortable work. It tests your patience and your dedication. But you keep going, because you have chosen to be an athlete and quitting is not on the table. You learn from your mistakes and make corrections. Bit by bit, you move mountains. You look almost with pity on the exercisers, chasing those last few pounds on those mindless machines. You've found something deeper. Your changed body is a manifestation of your diligence, but your confidence comes from within. The only pounds you care about now are the ones you are adding to a barbell.


The community

A member once remarked, "At a place like this, you earn respect just by walking in the door." We don't celebrate egos—we lead with a humility gained through countless hours of work that has taken us to our physical and mental limits. Our diverse community represents people from a wide variety of backgrounds, skill levels, and goals, all united by a shared desire to attain peak physical performance. Our commitment to education and service runs through every facet of our gym: The best-in-class equipment. The educational workshops and group training programs, provided free of charge. The numerous complimentary amenities you'll never find at your neighborhood globo-gym. The world-class personal trainers. And above all, our friendly, welcoming community, comprising athletes and athletes-to-be. 

Styrka is the antidote to the corporate gym. It's a place where peak human performance is achieved with chalked hands and hard work, and refined through education and hands-on coaching. There are lots of "gyms". But there is nothing else like Styrka.