Our Coaching

If there's any advice we can give without reservation to help you achieve your fitness and/or athletic performance goals, it's this: get a coach.

A good coach can assess your mobility, posture, and strength to isolate weaknesses in your body you might have never thought of. They can identify mistakes in your technique that are hindering your progress. They can design a program that's based on your needs and goals, and modify it to ensure you're progressing consistently. They can inject variety into your workouts in a way that's congruent with your goals, and keep you working on your weak points when you'd be tempted to skip the hard work and stick to the things you're already good at.

We have lots of coaching options at Styrka. If you just want professionally-designed workouts that give you planned, consistent progression, we offer four different programs in our Pro membership. If you want fully customized workouts, we can do it for you as part of our Elite membership. If you're looking to take your athletic performance to the next level using the latest science and technology, we offer velocity-based training. If you want the ultimate in accountability, customization, and personal supervision, we have a staff of exceptional personal trainers with a wide range of specializations who are ready to help.


Group Programming

Group Programming provides professionally-designed workouts in a structured program, delivered every week to your inbox. No more doing random workouts off the internet, or wandering into the gym unsure of what you should be doing. We offer programs for a variety of goals, including Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and Hybrid Training. Group Programming is part of our Pro Membership, and includes 3 complimentary personal training sessions. 


Individual Programming

A step up from Group Programming, our Individual Programming delivers fully customized workouts, daily feedback from a coach, and a structured training program. Your workouts are delivered via an easy-to-use app called FitBot; each workout you will record your results and video your lifts for your coach to review. Your coach will help you refine your technique and adjust your program as you progress to ensure you don't get stuck on a frustrating plateau. Individual Programming is part of our Elite Membership and includes 3 complimentary personal training sessions, and a 20% discount toward additional personal training sessions. 


Velocity-Based Training

Velocity-based training is a new personal training option from Styrka that integrates cutting-edge technology to deliver unprecedented precision in program design. Ideal for intermediate to advanced clients and athletes, velocity-based training eliminates the guesswork associated with conventional program design and allows your trainer to adjust intensity to precisely the most effective level possible, every time you train. We offer a variety of velocity-based training packages for one-on-one, remote coaching, and small groups—with special discounts for student athletes. 


Personal Training

If you are looking for the accountability, close supervision, detailed instruction, and motivation that only a personal trainer can provide, we've got you covered. Our personal trainers are experienced, educated, and offer a wide range of specializations. Whether you're struggling with mobility, looking to lose weight and reign in your diet, build functional strength, or improve athletic performance, our trainers are ready to help.