Olympic Weightlifting

The highly technical sport of Olympic Weightlifting will challenge your strength, mobility, speed, power, and stability like few other sports can. Our coaching will help you master the two contested lifts—the snatch and the clean & jerk—in a step-by-step, guided progression. As you train the contested lifts, you'll use accessory lifts to build strength, speed, and power.


Step-By-Step Progression

Olympic Weightlifting can take many months and even years to demonstrate a high a degree of technical proficiency. We'll teach you the lifts in a simple, progressive manner that allows you to master the positions, transition smoothly between them, and start developing the explosive speed and power you need to move heavy weight. 


Simple Program Tracking

Follow your program from your phone or desktop using FitBot, an easy-to-use app that lets you track all of your workouts and upload videos for your coach to review. We'll respond with detailed video analysis within one business day, so you can refine your technique and get stronger. 

As you progress, your coach will dynamically adjust your programming based on your performance so you keep making progress. 



Just for signing up, you'll receive three personal training sessions to guide you through the lifts.

In addition to your three complimentary sessions, you'll receive a 20% discount off any additional personal training you wish to purchase down the road—in case you feel like you'd benefit from more one-on-one instruction. 

Coaching for Olympic Weightlifting is part of our elite membership. Click below to Begin your journey.