Individual Programming

Personalized coaching that won't break the bank

Let's talk coaching. If you go to a boot camp or cross-training style group classes, your workouts are essentially randomized for a large number of people. You can easily end up paying $150 a month or more for workouts that aren't planned around your unique needs and goals. Personal training can provide you a customized program, but for many people that's just not a financially feasible option.

Styrka's Individual Programming is designed to bridge that gap. You get a customized program that's refined as you progress. You get feedback from your coach every workout as you record your progress and upload videos to an easy-to-use app. You can sit down once a week with your coach to discuss your program, and you get three personal training sessions to get started on the right track. And if you feel like you need more help down the road, you get 20% off any additional personal training sessions.

At just $120 a month, it costs less than many of those group-training classes and includes a full membership to Styrka. No fussing with class schedules or coordinating times with a personal trainer—work out on your own schedule with coaching that cuts out the guesswork and keeps you progressing.

And remember, at Styrka there are never any contracts or extra fees; switch programs or cancel at any time.


Customized Programming

Delivered via FitBot, a free and and easy-to-use app


Video analysis

Receive feedback every session to help you refine your technique


Consistent Progress 

Your coach will assess your performance and adjust your program to keep you progressing.


Individual Programming is part of our Elite Membership. To sign up or upgrade your membership, click below: