Our Equipment


Our collection of barbells is unrivaled in the greater Tulsa area. Our USA-made bars come from leading manufacturers like Kabuki Strength, Rogue Fitness, and American Barbell.

Racks and Benches

Our racks and benches come exclusively from Rogue Fitness. You'll never find anything but heavy-duty, rugged, USA-made equipment at our gym. 

Weights and Platforms

We take weights seriously here at Styrka. Our Rogue dumbbells, up to 125lbs, are made of virtually indestructible urethane. We have competition-quality bumper plates, blocks, and full-sized platforms for Olympic weightlifting. Rock-solid kettlebells from Rogue and steel maces from Onnit. And of course, plenty of old-fashioned iron—the kind of cold steel you just won't find in commercial gyms. 


Strength And Cardio

Though we are focused primarily on functional strength training, we feature a variety of plate-loaded and selectorized strength equipment, and a selection of quality cardio machines.