Individual Programming

Fully customized programs that won't break the bank

You're tired of a lack of direction and structure in your training. Maybe you're not confident with your technique, and could use a trained eye to give you constructive feedback. Problem is, personal training—especially long-term—just doesn't fit your budget. We hear you, and we're here to help. If you like the professionally structured workouts we offer in our Group Programming but you want a fully customized program and daily feedback from a pro, our Individual Programming has you covered—at a price that won't break the bank. 




Why Individual Programming?

Group classes are all the rage these days because they offer a cost-effective model for both gyms and customers. It's less costly than one-on-one personal training, which is very often cost-prohibitive over the long term; group classes allow for more affordable rates while still, in theory at least, providing some measure of individual attention. 

The problem with this model is that group workouts cannot possibly be tailored to match the needs and goals of each individual client. So while the workouts may be effective, they aren't optimal. Worse, the coach's attention is necessarily divided among a large group of people, making it virtually impossible to properly correct the technique of each trainee. At Styrka, we often spend a lot of time helping clients unlearn bad techniques they picked up in group classes.

Our Individual Programming is designed to solve these problems. Like 'boot camps' and other group classes, it's much more affordable than one-on-one personal training; but unlike group classes, your workouts are specifically tailored to your needs and goals, and you receive daily feedback from your coach to ensure optimal technique and consistent progression. Best of all, your program is adapted to your needs as you progress


Get faster results with the help of a pro.

  • Like our Group Programming, our Individual Programming offers training for Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Hybrid Training:
    • Powerlifting is ideal for general strength training, with a focus on the fundamentals like squatting, deadlifting,and pressing.
    • Olympic Weightlifting trains the two competition lifts: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.
    • Hybrid Training integrates strength training with high-intensity conditioning, for workouts that build functional strength and burn fat. 
  • Your professionally-designed program is fully customized based on your experience and goals. Every workout, you'll get feedback from your trainer to help you improve.
  • Instructional videos clearly demonstrating proper technique in each exercise
  • All your workouts are easy to follow from your phone or desktop, where you'll use an app to record your workouts and upload videos for your trainer to review. 
  • Just for signing up, you'll get 20% off personal training if you want to work with your coach in person.