Individual Coaching

Get stronger, leaner, and fitter without breaking the bank


Individual Coaching vs. Personal Training

Personal training consists of private or semi-private sessions with one of Styrka's certified personal trainers. All sessions are conducted in person, with the close supervision of the trainer. Individual Coaching is a customized program delivered through a user-friendly app that allows your coach to give you feedback on every workout and adjust your workout as you progress.

While personal training can be highly effective, at an industry average of $50 per hour it is simply not a cost-effective option for many people—especially over the long term. Individual Coaching is designed to bridge this gap by providing customized service at an affordable price. 


Fully Custom Programming

Your coach will deliver a fully customized program using FitBot, a free app you can access from your phone or desktop. You'll receive each month's program in full, along with detailed instructions and exercise demos every workout. You'll use the app to track your weights, upload videos for your coach to critique, and message your coach directly. 

Discounts on Personal Training

Need some extra help? You'll get 3 complimentary personal training sessions just for signing up to ensure you start off on the right foot. If you need additional personal training, you'll receive 20% any future sessions. 


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