Carmen Paul

A Certified RKC Instructor and also holding certifications in StrongFirst Giyra and in MovNat, Carmen Paul spent the balance of her childhood barefoot, playing in her neighborhood until the street lights came on or it was time for dinner. As an avid softball & basketball player, she channeled her energies toward team sports until she discovered the rush of distance running. What was initially a love for competition and an escape from adolescence morphed into an unhealthy obsession. Over-training and injuries crashed her immune system and ultimately led to the diagnosis of an auto immune disease. These days she sees training as a physical and mental practice instead of a battle of physical obsession. Today she focuses on practicing alignment based yoga, various natural movements and kettlebell techniques. Optimal nutrition and sleep training combined with stress management and primal movements are the cornerstones of her practice. Her current client demographic ranges from 4 years to 90 years young. Her goal is to reach as many people as possible through teaching mindful movement, patience and, of course, play.

At Styrka, Carmen offers kids' MovNat classes and adult kettlebell classes. For more info, visit her website or contact her at