Barbell Foundations

What is it?

Barbell Foundations is a 12-week course, open to men and women of all fitness levels, that focuses on building strength in foundational barbell movements like squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows, along with a range of accessory movements. Unlike "boot camps" or cross-training classes, we strictly limited the class size to just 8 participants to ensure everyone gets the individual attention they need. 

Each session includes a skill-oriented instruction followed by a supervised strength-training workout that integrates the free Train Heroic app for easy tracking.

Why Get Stronger?

At Styrka, we believe strength is the foundation of any successful long-term fitness program. Stronger muscles increase work capacity, burn more fat, and make day-to-day activities easier. You'll reduce your risk of injuries, improve your overall health, and have a much easier time managing weight. 


What you need to know:

  • Classes are M-F at 7am, 11am, and Noon
  • Each class is limited to 8 participants to ensure maximum individual attention 
  • You may participate in up to three classes each week
  • Billing is divided into 3 easy monthly payments of $149
  • Membership at Styrka is not required (though we'd love to have you!)

The NExt course Begins Monday, August 27th. Enroll before August 15th and get 20% off the full course!


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